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It’s been over two months since one last pressed the publish button on this blog.

A bunch of things could have – but haven’t – happened in this time.

Half a dozen (and who knows how many more) men with hormones alarmingly out of control and with alcohol-blurred consciences, post a horrific crime of unimaginable proportions, could (and really, should) have been hanged in public. Two (and who knows how many more) Indian soldiers could (and really, should) have been alive today had they not been brutally killed by a neighbouring country, which, despite (only) repeated warnings, continues to bite.  

Now, in interests of lightening the mood and setting the tempo for the remainder of the post: In sports that one follows with reasonable interest, a rather poor Indian cricket team (soon to be deprived, in another format of the game, of perhaps its greatest player ever) could (and really, should) have been whitewashed in their own backyard after being thoroughly outplayed by a very good English team, while in the English Premier League, Liverpool FC, impressive as they have been with some flamboyant link-up play (although mostly sans a decent final ball) and a couple of forward-thinking signings, could (and really, should) have been higher up the points table.

If one had conceived at the time of writing the last post, one could (but really, should not) have been carrying just a hint of a baby bump by now – perhaps not, but crazier things have been said in the realm of lame jokes.

Exactly zero of the aforementioned things have happened.

There have been a few minor occurrences on the personal front (not on the belly), however.

One, for instance, managed to get hired by the first company one was (ever) interviewed by (you didn’t seriously think that would go un-bragged). Besides, there has been voracious reading of novels, a new found need passion for working out a trifle and a considerable expansion of one’s German vocabulary. There have been spurts of progress in a final year project that oscillates between being i-want-to-work-nights-even-on-weekends exciting to oh-god-why-do-i-have-to-meet-my guide-again lacklustre. There have been haggles for extorting job treats, IIM call treats, birthday treats and of course, i-forgot-my-wallet treats.

So, despite an unrepaired laptop and consequent reduction in exercise for the left wrist, if the glass is to be described as half-full, there hasn’t been a lull altogether.

Anyway, lull or no lull, dearth or abundance of (un)mentionable topics – these are issues of imperceptible significance for now. For tonight, one is merely intent on pressing that publish button, on getting something out there. And that by itself, unfortunately, isn’t quite enough to detract one’s instinctive propensity to ramble about what constitutes as nothing. Oh sweet gibberish!

(Meanwhile the reader, either tricked into subscribing to the blog which caused this to be emailed or whiling away time on facebook or twitter having nothing better to do anyway and now suffering from the poor judgement of having clicked on this link, hopes – in vain, as it will turn out – that this may yet churn out something of note.)

Besides this isn’t a remarkable deviation from a majority of the blog’s posts anyway. Although one must acknowledge the existence of some genuinely delightful snippets (trumpet, own, blowing, something?) here and there, appreciable haste must be exercised to attest to the presence of the colossal nonsensical clutter surrounding them.

And thus ends the post – abruptly, perhaps adding more nonsensical-clutter than genuinely-delightful-snippets, but enabling one to press the publish button nonetheless. It also marks the blog’s return in the new year (only a month late). One hopes to contribute e-waste to the web write more frequently. Brace yourself for more twaddle.


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