Buoyed by the news that the insti web master has unblocked wordpress (god knows why it was blocked in the first place) and spurred on by the multitude of blog posts in my inbox from people I follow, here goes.

Perhaps for the first time, I am writing something from outside that little haven in Guindy that I confine myself to for most of the time. Perhaps too much. Finding myself in this rather well furnished apartment in what seems to be a plush neighborhood in Bangalore, I wonder what was Bosch thinking letting their interns stay in such a cozy place? Are you listening, Trivitron?

I am glad I overcame the initial inertia to get myself out of campus on friday evening. I would have probably spent the entire weekend lazing around in my room and missed the wonderful time that I ended up having. The krstc bus was not particularly comfortable and the fact that my seat was in the last row that has no push back did not help matters. But it was fun playing anatkshari after quite some time and I was surprised at the number of old songs I could recollect the lyrics of!

The contrast between Bangalore and Chennai’s weather couldn’t have been starker. It is funny how two places that are barely 5 hours away exhibit such a steep gradient in temperature. Segmenting these isotherms would be child’s play! Wow, this intern is really getting into my head! Anyway, what I am trying to say is that I couldn’t be happier to feel the cold breeze against my face as I alighted at ShanthiNagar bus stop in what is fast becoming my favourite city among the three I have spent a reasonable amount of time in. I like its climate more than Chennai and Mumbai’s. And unlike Chennai, it doesn’t have any language or food problems. Besides, girls are infinitely better looking than in any of the other two places.

We make our way to the International Center of the Art of Living, about an hour away from the city. I love the place! It’s vibrant, yet blissfully calm. The day is spent with several sessions of meditation, delicious satvic food and wonderful interactions with people from all walks of life. By evening, I have made friends with a gult BITS Goa undergraduate, a bong software engineer, a tam chartered accountant who has worked in the gulf, a gujju businessman from Colaba and two Marathi farmers from a village near Pune. It’s amazing how much perspective one can gain from such interactions!

It’s evening now, and the grand amphi theatre is slowly gearing up for Satsang with the Guru. It’s my favourite part of the day. As the Guru speaks, it’s incredible how one feels that one to one connection with him even as more than 15 thousand other souls soak in the knowledge. I am in a trance. The next morning, I do the Sudarshan Kriya in the magical Vishalakshmi Mandap. The trance continues.

One never feels too bad while leaving the ashram. One knows one belongs there, no matter where one goes.

I changed a couple of buses to get to Audugudi. It’s such a funny word! Gunjan picked me and that’s how I landed up in this plush apartment. I think it must have been months since I saw tv for watching something other than ipl or a football match. Hera Pheri may not give you those stomach aching laughter bursts, but it’s a fun watch anyway. And it’s so much fun watching these movie trailers and song videos! Yes sure you can watch them on youtube too, but I often don’t even know what to search for. It’s nice of these music channels to line them up for you, na? Also saw a bit of that spelling bee competition. Can you believe that among the twelve kids in the final round, 6 were Indians! It baffles me how they manage to even pronounce those words, let alone figure out the uncanny spellings. Also, I came across this new channel called Fox Traveller. Interesting stuff there.

I managed to watch the first innings of the ipl final before leaving. The bus had started trotting southwards when I learnt that kkr had won. I was a little disappointed, but not really heart broken. CSK truly played like kings in the knockout stages of the tournament and that’s what really matters.

The Sharma Travels return bus was more comfortable and I had a good night’s sleep. A weekend well spent!