I walked into Crossword the other day, after what seemed to be a really long time. With no particular book in mind, I trod from one genre to another, browsing through and being exhilarated by the expanse of printed material around me. Grabbing about 7-8 interesting titles, I sat myself on a comfortable couch overlooking a female belonging to the rare breed of beautiful girls in Chennai. She was glancing through some books in the opposite section. As I flipped through some pages, reading a snippet here, an extract there, she moved over to the end of the section and I had to crane my neck a little to check out the bulged back pocket of the her levis jeans. Thank you for the discounts Flipkart, but the joy of feeling a book in your hands, the satisfaction of knowing that the binding is perfect, just the sheer ambiance of a bookstore is irreplaceable.

This, I thought, was just an example of how little things are capable of giving us great joy.

The feeling of walking bare foot on the beach. Of grains of sand decanting through your toes every time you take a step. Of watching the sun rise slowly from the sea. An early morning jog on a frosty winter morning. Breathing through the fog that renders invisibility beyond a few meters.

The warmth of a cozy blanket on a chilling night. The joy of taking a late night shower at the end of a humid summer day. The relief accompanying the first rains after a scorching summer. The feeling of those droplets hitting your face.

Ordering extra malai on the mango lassi at a Punjabi dhaba in Chennai. Asking for extra ice cubes on your lime juice on a hot summer day. Eating a hot vada pav with that extra spicy mirchi on a cold rainy day. The sweet (spicy?) relief escorting an embarrassed fart. Of peeing long after when you first wanted to.

The joy of watching your favourite movie for the 14th time. Of priding yourself for remembering the exact number. The joy of playing antakshari. Of singing old songs with lyrics that touch the soul. The joy of playing dumb charades. Of inventing movie names that would be hard to enact.

The rapturous astonishment of meeting a long lost friend. The nostalgic rush while browsing through old pictures. The nervous anticipation before calling someone you like. The fun in teasing a friend about a crush. Of being teased about someone you like.

The excitement of watching a hardly fought contest. The thrill of an injury time goal that wins the league. Of the perfect yorker by a debutant bowler to an in form batsman. In that exquisite backhand to deny a match point on the way to winning a five set thriller.

The stretched ankles in an orgasm.

The fun in talking to a stranger on the bus. Of recalling that you couldn’t do it a year ago. The satisfaction of knowing that you have mastered some of your fears. Coming out of a tough situation calmly. Not losing your cool as often as you used to. The contentment of having grown that little bit.

The blissful energy of deep inhalation. The relaxation offered by slow exhalation. The joy of smiling for no reason.

Share those little incidents that made you happy. There is a joy in sharing too!