I just saw an episode of MTV Roadies auditions. A girl was sabotaged by rude comments and criticized for an hour. She just sat there calmly, listening to the judges and agreed to what made sense. She was then told to speak in her mother tongue. The moment she started talking, she was a different person altogether… her eyes sparkled, her voice echoed with conviction and her stance reflected self-assurance.

Next came a practicing homeopath who thought of himself as a ‘self made guy’. According to him, the sexiest thing about himself was his integrity, honesty and his caring nature. When asked what made Madhuri Dixit sexy, it was her smile. Not her honesty. When asked what made John Abraham sexy, it was his physique and not his caring nature. In the next ten minutes, there wasn’t a single mention about honesty, integrity or caring natures. It was only about…

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