The first slot on Friday mornings with a prof that doesn’t take attendance isn’t really an ideal setting for a jam-packed class. So I was not really surprised, as I entered at 8.30, to find less than a dozen faces in the room. Little did I know that the following two minutes would get etched in my memory so distinctly!
It’s amazing how clearly I can visualize the situation even today. The prof explaining a certain concept… half-awake students staring at him blankly… he tries to break the monologue… question from the previous course… students look down to avoid eye contact… and then he said the line that keeps coming back to me ever so frequently –

It’s important to recollect the right thing at the right time.

It doesn’t sound like much, I know. But some lines just stick. And hasn’t this happened to you so many times? You know the damn thing ever so well. Heck, you can talk about it in your sleep. But right at the moment you want to tell it to someone important, it snugly sneaks out of your memory.

Remember the internship review when you just couldn’t remember the name of the basic criteria that you’ve worked with for two months? Or the job interview where you screwed up the first law of thermodynamics while your resume has heat transfer written all over it? Or the AutoExpo where you couldn’t figure out the working of a single machine until Suresh explained it to you? It seemed so straight-forward then na?

Or the time you came up with that insanely cheesy pick up line. How delighted you were as you pictured yourself as Elvis what with all the flirting expertise! But just when you mustered enough courage to drag yourself up to her and her super adorable brown eyes looked into yours, the damn keyword deserted you.

Or the game of wolf where you had figured that shrewd strategy to trap the poor cop and take the rogue into confidence all at once, but – somewhere in the middle of the animated oratory – the killer argument cunningly abandoned your memory, leaving you blatantly culpable in the process.

Or indeed, the time you were writing that blog post? The exquisite opening line that had gotten you jumping in the air with ecstasy now sounds woefully ordinary because you can’t recollect that gorgeous French phrase and that Google refuses to find for you!

Familiar with that feeling of words being stuck in the throat? No matter how hard your scratch your head or pull your hair, they stubbornly refuse to come out. And right when you are taking a cold water shower in the evening or making bubbles in your café frappe in CCD (I love doing that! Especially when I’m with my ‘sophisticated’ friends :P), bam! the thing strikes you!